Bijoux made in Italy


Bianco Bijoux is a made in Italy factory managed by Domenico and Rossana for more than 30 years old, which makes jewelry at artisan level, using metal, rhinestones and various components, giving rise to a totally hypoallergenic product.

A project, their , which began in a small workshop, where creativity of Rossana and craftsmanship of domenico gave birth to a unique product of its kind that allow the consumer to distinguish this company from the others. Passion is the engine of their work.
The quality and the research for materials that interpret changes, and trends of the moment, join the tradition in the processing method of painstacking handmade piece; cover with satisfaction the role of creative artisans, tailors of small parts, create different lines, ranging from a classic to a slightly more aggressive for a younger audience line.
In both cases, their jewelry for women are versatile and elegant, she wants to feel unique thanks to the accessory that wear.